2022 firefly festival

Festival Overview

2022.08.27 ~ 9.4

The 26th Muju Firefly Festival

2022. 8. 27.(Sat) ~ 9. 4.(Sun)(9days)

  • Theme
    The dream of firefly, the story of Muju, a mountainous ecological city
  • Slogan
    Relaxation and excitement in Muju
  • Host
  • Supervisor
  • Sponsor
    Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Ministry of Education, Jeollabuk-do, Korea Tourism Organization

Purpose of Muju Manfly Festival

  • Sharing the value of life where nature and humans coexist
    1. Value sharing: Sharing the value of life where nature and humans coexist through fireflies, an indicator of a clean environment
    2. Tourism industry promotion: promoting the tourism industry by improving the external image of the region and attracting tourists
    3. Revitalization of linked tourism: Activation of linked tourism by introducing and commercializing local resources with tradition and uniqueness
    4. Cultural enjoyment: Cultural enjoyment and unity of local residents, raising pride and affinity

Muju Firefly Festival Theme

  • Subject : Firefly's Dream, Mountain Ecological City, Muju Story

    'Transition to a city branding festival'
    1. Bandi dreams of protecting Muju's mountainous eco-city and living in urban forests, ecological rivers, ecological forests, and Muju residents with ecological life in them. The longing for the mountainous ecological city and its life in the city leads to a visit to Muju, and the forest surrounded by the stars and the sound of insects and the feast of fireflies along the waterway recognize Muju as an ecological city.
    2. In the city center, the longing for the mountain ecological city and its life leads to a visit to Muju, and Muju is recognized as a mountain ecological city through ecology experiences at festivals with fireflies as an icon.

    Slogan: A break in Muju that will soothe you
    1. 'Realization of a space where you can relax and impress in Muju'

Festival features

  • 문화체육관광부
    Korea Honorary Cultural Tourism Festival
  • The Muju Firefly Festival meets the selection criteria of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, which aims to foster a world-class festival by strengthening competitiveness by having distinctiveness and self-renewal as an environmental ecological festival. was selected as an honorary cultural tourism festival.

Expectations of the festival

1 Reinforcing regional harmony and community
2 Muju-gun commercial district activation
3 Festival Creation of sustainable growth engines
4 Festival change image creation
5 Reinforcing the charm of the festival